FS 50 Fitness Room & Tenant

FS 50 Fitness Room & Tenant


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date4/5/22 9:00am

Bid Date4/21/22 1:00pm

Company & Contacts

Ventura County Fire Protection District

Contact 1 - David Kirby - 805/ 914-4568
Contact 2 - Teresa Barton - 805/ 389-9742  


100 “D” Durley Avenue, Camarillo, CA 93010.

BID DUE DATE & TIME: April 21, 2022 @ 1:00 PM, PST

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received in the bid box at the Ventura County Fire Protection District’s (herein VCFPD, District, Owner or Agency) main office located at 165 Durley Avenue, Camarillo, CA 93010 not later than 1:00 PM (PST) April 21, 2022 for the Fitness Room and Tenant Improvements Project at Fire Station 50 located at 189 Las Posas Drive, Camarillo, California 93010.

Time of Bid Closure: The bid box will be closed promptly at the time specified above. The person opening bids will not accept bids that are not in the bid box at closing time. Note that clocks in the building may not be set to the correct time and should not be relied upon.

See pages 11 & 12 of 23 of the Bid Documents, Instructions to Bidders on how to submit a bid and provisions when government offices are closed to the public on the bid due date.

General Description of the Work: In general, the Work to be performed for the “Project” is defined by the Contract Documents and consists of the items of Work listed below including all Work shown upon the Construction Drawings, Technical Specifications and all other Trade Contract Documents concerning this Work. All items referenced below shall be considered by the Contractor and shall be included in the Total Lump Sum Bid.

The Work for the “Project” includes but not limited to the following. Awarded Contractor shall:

• Demolish existing improvements to make room for the expansion of the fitness room and a bathroom. This includes, flooring, ceiling grid system, non-loading bearing walls of two dorms, the existing fitness room, a bathroom, the shop, ceiling and wall features as identified on the plans.

• Coordinate with fire personnel, prior to and during demolition phase, to salvage, surplus, trash or reuse existing furniture, equipment, tools, doors, bathroom dispensers and mirror, as well as electrical and mechanical items noted on the plans.

• Construct new and fill-in wood frame walls per plan for expanded accessible bathroom and fitness room footprints including relocation of existing doors and frames.

• Remodel bathroom per plan to meet accessibility codes. This includes grab bars, new shower, toilet, shower heads, controls and hosing, shower seat, tile work, signage, vanity and sink. Various existing dispensers as well as the mirror and above mirror lighting fixture will be reused in the remodeled bathroom, per plan.

• Construct new acoustical tile suspended ceiling grid system per plan.

• Clean, reuse and adjust location of existing mechanical diffusers, ducts and bathroom exhaust fan. Furnish and install new carbon monoxide sensor and 1000 CFM exhaust fan in expanded fitness room with exterior damper. The system shall be rebalanced following completion of mechanical installations.

• Reinstall existing electrical fixtures, speakers, and smoke detectors noted on the plans. Furnish and install new speakers, smoke detectors, occupancy and photo cell sensors, emergency exit lights as well as other electrical components called out on the plans such as switches, receptacle outlets, light fixtures, TV, Phone, internet and intercom outlets and all associated conduit, cabling and wiring.

• Purchase, installation and testing of alerting speakers shall be coordinated with Fire Telecom staff.

• Patch and paint all walls in improvement area as well as complete flooring and room finishes per schedules and notes identified on the plans.

• Furnish and install new fitness room mirrors as well as wall backing for the TV.

• Furnish and install panic hardware as noted in the door schedule and ensure that all exterior and interior ADA paths of travel noted on the plans meet identified codes.

• Hire appropriately certified subcontractor to design, permit and install as-needed fire sprinklers to fit the new layout. This work will be completed as part of this contract through a deferred permit as noted under “Project Data” on the Title Sheet of the plans.

• Coordinate with fire personnel for any utility shutdowns.

• Manage noise when possible as this is an operational fire station during construction.

Awarded Contractor shall be solely responsible for the means and methods, procedures and all requirements to complete the Work for this Project. Contractor shall perform all Work in conformance with every law, statute, ordinance, building code, rule, or regulation and requirements of all City, County, State and Federal Agencies and Authorities having jurisdiction over this Project, including the demolition, removal, transportation and disposal of all removed materials. The Contractor shall furnish, provide, install, and maintain all required protective materials and coverings, medium, and services to adequately protect all areas of work during course of construction including maintenance of adequate dust control at all times, and thoroughly clean all areas of work at the end of each workday. Coordination of work with other trades shall be included as necessary.

Registration with Department of Industrial Relations (DIR): This project is subject to compliance monitoring and
enforcement by DIR. Contractor and all subcontractors must comply with the requirements of Labor Code section
1771.1(a), pertaining to registration of contractors. Pursuant to 1771.1(a), a contractor or subcontractor shall not be
qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal or engage in the performance of any contract for public work unless
currently registered with the DIR pursuant to section 1725.5, with limited exceptions for bid purposes only. Contractor
shall agree to comply with these sections and all remaining provisions of the Labor Code. For more information,
please go to the following websites: http://www.dir.ca.gov/Public-Works/PublicWorks.html

Non-mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting is scheduled on April 5, 2022 @ 9:00 AM at the “Project” site. The
meeting will be held for the purpose of answering any questions concerning the “Project”. All corrections and changes
deemed necessary based on discussions held at the pre-bid meeting shall be forwarded to all Plan Holders as an
addendum or RFI clarification, as applicable.

For Technical Questions and Requests for Clarifications concerning Bid Documents, email to David Kirby at david.kirby@ventura.org.

Engineer’s Estimate is: $182,800.00

Liquidated Damages: Liquidated damages for delay are $1,200.00 per calendar day.

Bid Documents are available to bidders starting March 23, 2022 and will be issued at:

Coast Reprographics 1710 Donlon Street, Suite 2, Ventura, CA 93003
Contact Name: Brian Ehler Phone: (805) 642-5898 Email: ventura@coast-repro.com

One electronic download of the Bid Documents/Plans and Specifications shall be made available to each bidder at Fire District’s cost. Bidders may purchase hard copies of Plans and Specifications for a non-refundable amount of $15.00 per set. Any shipping and handling costs shall be the responsibility of the bidder. Arrangements for receipt and payment for the Bid Documents shall be made directly with Coast Reprographics or access their Plan Room at: https://www.coastplanroom.com/jobs/public for electronic download.

Bids must be submitted on the proposal form furnished with the Bid Documents. Each bid must be accompanied by a bid guarantee in the amount of not less than 10% of the amount bid, PAYABLE TO THE VENTURA COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT and guaranteeing that the bidder will enter into a contract in accordance with the terms of the Bid Documents if award is made. The bid guarantee shall be in one of the following forms: a bid bond written by an admitted surety insurer on the form included with the Proposal form, a cashier’s check drawn by a National bank, a check certified by a National bank or cash. An electronically transmitted copy of the bid bond form included in the Proposal form may be used, but the form must have the original signatures of the principal and surety. Copies of the completed bond will not be accepted.

Bidders must have a Class B California Contractors license, and will be required to furnish a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond, each in the amount of 100% of the contract price. In accordance with Section 22300 of the Public Contract Code, securities may be substituted for funds withheld.

This is a prevailing wage project. Prevailing wage rates apply. California general prevailing wage rates for construction can be obtained from the following website: http://www.dir.ca.gov/DLSR/PWD/index.htm.